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Letina VEM d.o.o.

The company Letina VEM has been producing floor heating components for households and industry for almost 20 years. By constantly investing in the most modern metal processing technology, we achieve the top quality of our products. Our products are recognized on the most demanding European market precisely because of their quality.

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60 years ago, a successful business story began. The late Mr. Ivan Letina started his small business in year 1963. It was a one-man shop, producing agricultural machinery. 8 years later, the business moved from the garage to the workshop and the first workers were employed. The business has grown over the years.
In year 1990. first stainless steel tank was produced. In year 1996. Mr. Ivan Letina retires and his son Mr. Mladen Letina takes over the business, founding the
company Letina INOX. In year 1999. the company has relocated to town of Čakovec into industrial hall of 6.500 m2.
In year 2005. first stainless steel manifolds were produced. In year 2014. Letina Group was founded. The Group consists of 3 companies: Letina INOX, Letina INTECH and Letina VEM. Letina INTECH with general manager Mr. Željko Benc continued to produce stainless steel equipment for wine and beer industry and Letina VEM with general manager Mr. Saša Letina continued to produce stainless steel manifolds.
Today, Letina Group works in modern industrial facility, with over 20.000 m2 of production space, employs more than 250 workers and has a strong worldwide distribution. In year 2024. we will expand our production and warehouse facility for further 11.500 m2.

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